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Welcome to TEKNO Surgical

TEKNO Surgical was established in 1996. It is involved in the distribution of specialist medical products, targeting key niche areas: Orthopaedics – Surgical - Aesthetics.

The Company has exclusive distribution agreements with world leading manufacturers of orthopaedic, surgical and aesthetic products. TEKNO Surgical became part of the SISK GROUP in January 2007 and now operates under the umbrella structure of SISK Healthcare.

Our Products


Orthopaedic Products

Our Orthopaedic products range from total hip and knee to covering associated surgical...

Surgical Products

Orthopaedic Products

For over 10 years Tekno Surgical has been developing its surgical products offering by...


Orthopaedic Products

Tekno Surgical is now the leading provider in Ireland of Gold Standard products for...

Hospital Supplies

Orthopaedic Products

Offering a comprehensive range of hospital products Tekno Surgical caters for...