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BLUEPRINT 3D Planning: Surgeon-controlled planning software that allows the surgeon to virtually implant a Stryker shoulder prosthesis on a 3D image of the patient’s shoulder, prior to the procedure.

PSI – Patient Specific Instrumentation: Our BLUEPRINT software can precisely transfer the surgeon-created case plan into the operating room with the help of a 3D printed device, used as a guide during the procedure. This is typically a custom guide for accurate k-wire placement in the glenoid, designed specifically for the patient.4,5,6,7

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  • Surgeon-controlled 3D planning software.
  • 3D visualisation and virtual implantation.
  • Real-time manipulation of a chosen implant to visualize the bone-preserving capabilities of implants.


  • Convenient surgical planning without the wait.
  • The BLUEPRINT Cloud helps to reduce unnecessary barriers for surgeons, sales reps, and scan techs.
  • Surgeons can create a plan based on their surgical preferences and the unique anatomical presentation of each patient.
  • Precise and reproducible 3D measurements.
  • Provides a better view of the glenoid morphology to visualize wear patterns.
  • Enables a surgeon to plan and order patient-specific guided instrumentation.
  • Enables accurate glenoid positioning, a critical component of glenoid implant longevity.


This video demos a walkthrough of Blueprint, the surgeon-controlled planning software that allows the surgeon to virtually implant a Stryker shoulder prosthesis on a 3D image of the patient’s shoulder, prior to the procedure.


Download the supporting and various whitepapers, studies and brochures.


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    ADAPT system is software-based instrumentation designed for use in Gamma3 surgery. The software assists the surgeon with implant alignment, lag screw length determination, lag screw positioning and distal targeting. ADAPT is the only augmented reality instrumentation of its kind.

  • Airo TruCT


    Airo TruCT

    Designed for mobility and efficient workflow Airo TruCT, is a mobile 32-slice diagnostic CT scanner, capable of producing 51.2 x 100 cm scan volumes in as low as 40 seconds. Airo TruCT is designed to support the demanding requirements of surgeons when dedicating their attention to complex procedures.




    FIREFLY pedicle screw navigation guide is intended to assist in the accurate placement of pedicle screws.

  • Mako SmartRobotics

    Hip Knee

    Mako SmartRobotics

    Mako SmartRobotics enables you to have a more predictable surgical experience when performing joint replacement surgery.

  • NAV3i

    Hip Knee Spine


    The NAV3i Platform is another surgical innovation in Stryker’s family of navigation platforms. With the surgical team in mind, Stryker have applied rigorous testing and usability engineering to create a platform that lets you navigate with confidence, power and control.

  • Stryker ENT Navigation System


    Stryker ENT Navigation System

    The Stryker ENT navigation system powered by Scopis software facilitates the analysis and identification of sinus cells in the complex patient anatomy.

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