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Stryker ENT Navigation System

Stryker ENT Navigation System

Designed from the ground up with ENT surgeon feedback and key opinion leaders (KOL) insight, our TGS (Target Guided Surgery) navigation system offers standard-of-care EM (Electro Magnetic) technology combined with groundbreaking Scopis augmented reality.

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  • Allows the surgeon to map out drainage pathways prior to surgery and identify key structures.
  • View surgical plans overlaid onto the endoscopic image with AR so the surgeon can closely track the optimal path.
  • Many existing instruments can be calibrated and navigated in a matter of seconds using the universal trackers.
  • System has specific, pre-calibrated instrumentation ranging from seekers to malleable suctions.


  • Target anatomy before each surgery and determine the optimal approach before starting surgery.
  • See the endoscopic image merged with the pre-operative plan to ensure accuracy and guidance.
  • Maximise convenience and minimize operating time.
  • Ability to change the shape of instrument whilst maintaining accuracy is both convenient and reassuring.

Stryker ENT Navigation System

The Stryker ENT navigation system powered by Scopis software facilitates the analysis and identification of sinus cells in the complex patient anatomy, as well as facilitating planning of the natural drainage pathways through the sinus cavity. The video shows how, during surgery, the planned pathways are overlaid in real-time onto the endoscopic image, providing you with unique Scopis augmented reality technology. Guidance of endoscopic instruments may help you to perform a minimallyinvasive, accurate.

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