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Tekno Surgical is the Endoscopy market leader in delivering cutting edge technology for both patient and practitioner. Our expert team have extensive experience working within the hospital environment, providing clinical support to healthcare professionals on a daily basis. This ensures that all areas of our Endoscopy division are led by dedicated and experienced personnel who can advise and assist you when purchasing Endoscopy Products, giving excellent advice as well as tips and tricks that can only provided by people who have such close familiarity with working in a hospital environment

Our extensive portfolio of Endoscopy products includes state-of-the-art Camera Systems, Light Sources, Insufflators, Scopes, and Data Management Systems.

As the exclusive distributor for Stryker in Ireland, Tekno Surgical' s commitment to providing an excellent level of customer service which has nurtured and developed multiple long-standing partnerships across public and private hospitals.

Stryker’s recent launch of the 1688 AIM 4K platform allows for real-time imaging of anatomy during surgery, with automated light control for a seamless workflow across multiple specialities. The Advanced Imaging Modalities (SPY modes and IRIS) allow surgeons to see beyond the pixels, thereby aiding the surgeons in providing the desired care for their patients. The SPY Portable Handheld Imaging System is an active device used to visualize circulation, including lymphatics and blood vessels, as well as related tissue perfusion with near infrared fluorescence imaging during a variety of surgical procedures.

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