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The goal of our Neurosurgery division is to provide life saving solutions as well as ongoing support that our clients can depend on. In order to realise this goal, Tekno Surgical have built up long standing relationships with the world’s leading medical technology companies allowing us to offer the intelligent clinical solutions and medical devices necessary to enhance patient safety and clinical effectiveness throughout the Theatre.

Tekno Surgical’s Neurosurgery division supplies a wide range of medical equipment, software and consumables for theatre use. Our main areas of special interest include:

Ultrasonic Aspiration; for soft tissue ablation and fine bone dissection.

Electrosurgery; non-stick bipolar forceps designed to address the issue of tissue adhesion and thermal damage during surgery.

Power Tools; Tekno Surgical supply a wealth of products to suit the healthcare professional’s specialty and preferences allowing clients to create a drill portfolio reflective of their own signature style.

In addition to these areas, Tekno Surgical’s product portfolio encompasses Spinal Implants, Spinal Cord Stimulation, Biologics, Navigation and Neuromonitoring devices.

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